Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm lost! Where are you located?

A: 25 Drexel Drive Bay Shore, NY 11706. On the right side of the street when coming from 5th Ave. We are across the street from UTZ and Chase Bank on Drexel Drive. Look for the big Great South Bay Sign on our building!

Q: I know you brew beer at your facility, but is there a bar where I can take a load off and enjoy one of your fabulous pints?

A: Yes, you can visit our tasting room every day except Tuesday. We have a full bar with more than 14 beers on tap at all times, as well as Red/White Wine, Hard Cider, and Soda. Our tasting room is very large and can hold a few hundred people, but if you would like something a bit more private you can book one of our three Party Rooms.

Q: Great! I'm on the fence about cutting work early and heading to your fine establishment. What Days/Times are you open?

A: Monday: 3- 10

     Tuesday: 3-10

     Wednesday: 3-10

     Thursday: 3-10

     Friday: 3-11

     Saturday: 12-12

     Sunday: 12-8 

Q: Wow! I never want to leave this place, but I'm getting hungry. Can I bring food to the tasting room?

A: No, we do not allow any outside food or drink unless you have booked one of our Party Rooms.

Q: Well, then do you serve food?

A: We do not make food ourselves, however we have food trucks in our parking lot every day we are open! See our food truck schedule in our Tasting Room Page.  

Q: I can't live without my dear Biscuit, is my dog allowed in the Tasting Room?

A: We recently changed our policy in dogs in the tasting room. Please review our full Tasting Room Policy for further information regarding how many dogs are allowed in at one time and where they can be. However dogs will now be allowed in the tap room:

  • Sundays-Thursdays - No Restrictions

  • Fridays – Dogs must be in “Dog Friendly” Areas after 6pm

  • Saturdays - No Dogs

Q: I can't find a babysitter! Can are my children allowed in the Tasting Room?

A: Once again, we'd like to refer you to our Tasting Room Policy, however a brief summary is as follows:

Great South Bay Brewery enacts a 21+ Nighttime policy. 

  1. No Children After Posted Hours (below)

                     After 7pm, Sundays-Fridays

                     After 5pm, Saturdays (4pm “Last Call”)

  1. Children Must be Closely Monitored by Guardians

  2. No Running, Screaming or Disturbing Other Guests

  3. Please Do Not Allow Your Child to Pet ANY Animals that are Not Your Own.

  4. No Children at the Bar

Q: I love your Tasting Room, but sometimes it is very busy and I just want my own space for me and a bunch of my friends. How can I go about renting one of your three private party rooms?

A: It's simple, just visit our Private Events page, fill out a form, and wait for our tasting room manager to respond with our availability. You can also email him directly at, however we recommend using the form on our website so we receive all the information we need from you.

Q: I filled out the form, but he has not written back yet. Did I do something wrong?

A: Nope! Our Tasting Room Manager has a lot of responsibilities, so sometimes it takes time to get to everything. He sometimes does not have time to respond on weekends, but he will be sure to get back to you as soon as he can. He reserves rooms on a first come first serve basis, so if you sent him an email four days ago and your friend sent one two days ago looking for the same room he will respond to yours first. If he has not gotten back to you in five days, feel free to call us at 631-392-8472 and we would be happy to assist you!

Q: Your Tasting Room seems like a pretty happening place, do you have any special events I can attend? 

A: Yes, there is always something going on at Great South Bay. Everything is free to play unless otherwise noted: 

Monday we host Game Night where you can play one of our many board games in a quiet bar with all of your friends. 

Wednesday we play multiple games of Bingo from 7-9 pm where you play to win beer, random prizes, and GSB Gift Cards

Thursday night you can test your knowledge on a subject with Trivia from 7-9 pm where you play to win beer and compete for a grand prize gift card to GSB worth anywhere from $50-$600.


Please visit our Public Events Page to see our Weekly Calendar, Trivia Topics, and Games Available. Additionally, we often have public/private events going on every weekend. Follow us on Instagram to stay informed on what is happening on a weekly basis. 

Q: Sounds fun! I hate drinking in silence do you have music?

A: There is always music playing in the bar, however check out our Weekly Calendar in our Public Events Page to find out if there will be live music on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Q: Splendid; I love your Massive IPA. Do you currently have that on tap, or anything else that tastes like it?

Q: You can see what is currently on tap at our Bay Brews Page. Our core beers will always been on tap, however refer back to it to see what specialty beers might have changed. 

Q: You make so many beers, but I can't find all of them at my local supermarket. Can I buy a 4/6 pack of cans in your Tasting Room for future use?

A: Yes, some of the beers we have on tap is also available to purchase at the bar in our Tasting Room. What we have available constantly changes, so just ask our bartender for what is available. 

Q: I want to show support to Great South Bay, and see people wearing shirts with your logo around town. Do you sell merchandise in your tasting room?

A: Yes, we have a Merchandise Store in the corner of our tasting room. It may be locked on weeknights, so if there is no one in it to see what we have available just ask our bartender to let you in and they would be happy to open the door so you can see the wide variety of items we have for sale.

Hopefully this was helpful, but if not please feel free to explore our website to learn a bit more about us, stop by, shoot us an email at or give us a call at 631-392-8472. We hope to see you soon!

Tasting Room Hours:

Monday: 3-10

Tuesday: 3-10

Wednesday: 3-10

Thursday: 3-10

Friday: 3-11

Saturday: 12-12

Sunday: 12-8

Great South Bay Brewery 

25 Drexel Dr, Bay Shore, NY 11706


Phone:  (631) 392-8472


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