Field 5 Golden IPA 1/6 Keg


Follow these simple instructions on how to get the most enjoyment out of your can of Field 5 Golden IPA. By reading this can, you've already started your journey. Once you get back in your car, head east on Drexel Drive. Make a right on Fifth Avenue & head south to the third light. Make a right onto Spur Drive North & make a quick left onto the ramp for Southern State Parkway West. Take Exit 40 for Robert Moses Causeway. Continue south over both sets of bridges until you reach the traffic cirlce, take the second exit & continue onto Burma Road. When you see the sign for parking Field 5, make a right into the parking lot & head on out to the beach, find a nice relaxing spot, pop open this can & enjoy. 7% ABV 70 IBU - Keg This purchase of one 1/6 Keg (40 Pints of Beer) includes the Keg Deposit and bag of chips in the price!