Massive IPA 1/2 Keg


This whale of a brew begins with a huge grain bill, consisting of American 2-Row malted barley.  Plenty of the finest American-grown hops are then introduced at every stage of the brewing process.  Massive additions of hops in the boil kettle produce a smooth yet assertive finish.  In a technique called hop-backing, the boiling wort is pumped over more fresh hops on its way to the fermenter - this lends huge hop flavor.  Finally, the addition of whole cone hops into the conditioning tank imparts a hops-bursting-out-of-the-glass aroma, rounding out a complete hop sensory experience! 7% ABV 60 IBU - This purchase of one 1/2 Keg (120 Pints of Beer) includes the Keg Deposit and bag of chips in the price!