Great South Bay Brewery enacts a 21+ Nighttime policy. 

Children will not be permitted in the tap room:

  • After 7pm, Sundays-Fridays

  • After 5pm, Saturdays (4pm “Last Call”)


Over the years our tasting room has expanded exponentially thanks to the support of our amazing guests.  With that growth and for the protection of all our guest, it has become necessary to adjust our policies that are more appropriate and in tune with the environment as it pertains to children.  Although the brewery is a casual and fun family place, I think we can all agree that a brewery where adults are drinking alcohol is, at some point, not the best place for young children.

As such, going forward our tasting room will be strictly 21 and over after 7pm Sundays- Fridays and after 5pm on Saturdays.  The comfort and safety of all our guests is what is most important to us, and so we have established rules for all those visiting with children.  Although almost all of our little friends are an absolute pleasure to have, we ask for your consideration and understanding of the following so that everyone can have fun and a good time:

  1. No Children After Posted Hours

  2. Children Must be Closely Monitored by Guardians

  3. No Running, Screaming or Disturbing Other Guests

  4. Please Do Not Allow Your Child to Pet ANY Animals that are Not Your Own.

  5. No Children at the Bar

We hope you understand and agree with the above policies for the safety and comfort of everyone and thank you for your support.


We are happy to announce we are now allowing dogs back into our tasting room after a brief period of K-9 exile, however must limit our dog hours and capacity. There will be a special section of tables, or full areas depending on availability, which will “dog friendly” going forward.

Dogs will now be allowed in the tap room:

  • Sundays-Thursdays - No Restrictions

  • Fridays – Dogs must be in “Dog Friendly” Areas after 6pm

  • Saturdays - No Dogs

After being notified by our new insurance policy we would not be covered while dogs were on the premises, we were heartbroken and immediately got to work on figuring out a solution.  After exploring all our options, we are happy to announce the ban on dogs has been lifted.  While we are glad to have our furry friends back in our tasting room, we are not ignoring the issues that had caused us to not allow dogs to begin with.  In line with our goal of safety and comfort for all guests, we have put in place a few rules and enacted specific “dog friendly” hours and areas for everyone to enjoy. This includes a limit on the amount of dogs that are allowed in the tasting room at one time.

The comfort and safety of all our guests is what is most important to us, and so we have established rules for all those visiting with Dogs .  We ask for your consideration and understanding of the following rules:

  1. There is a Strict Limit on the Number of Dogs Allowed in the Tasting Room, You May Be Asked to Wait Outside Until There is an Opening.

  2. During Certain Hours Dogs Must be Kept in “Dog Friendly” Areas

  3. No Children are Allowed in the Designated “Dog Friendly” Areas

  4. Please Do Not Let Others Pet Your Pet

  5. Dogs Must be Kept on a Tight Leash, No Longer Than 6ft in Length

  6. All Dogs Must Be Supervised Closely at All Times

  7. No Noisy or Barking Dogs

  8. No Dogs at the Bar

  9. You Must Clean Up After Your Pet!

  10. By Entering this Premises with Your Pet, You are Responsible for Any Damages Caused by Your Pet and May be Subject to Full Indemnification

If a dog is not behaving in a manner considerate to other guests, you may be asked to leave.

All Rules Regarding Animals are Subject to Change in Accordance with Suffolk County Board of Health and/or our Insurance Carriers.

Tasting Room Hours:

Monday: 3-10

Tuesday: 3-10

Wednesday: 3-10

Thursday: 3-10

Friday: 3-11

Saturday: 12-12

Sunday: 12-8

Great South Bay Brewery 

25 Drexel Dr, Bay Shore, NY 11706


Phone:  (631) 392-8472


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